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Defense Attorneys for All Criminal Prosecution

Vazquez and Baumgart Law Offices successfully defends all criminal prosecutions.

Attorney Baumgart has the legal experience to handle all criminal legal matters.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Defense of all alleged criminal activity in State and Federal Court
  • Trial of cases
  • Technical hearings to quash arrests and suppress evidence
  • Negotiation of pleas
  • Pre-arrest interaction with police or FBI agents - “we just want to ask you a few questions”
  • Federal targeting, forfeiture, extradition, etc.
  • Municipal Ordinance violations
  • Defense of Regulatory and Licensing department charges (Real Estate, medical licensing; CPD regulations, etc.)
  • Sailing & Maritime violation charges (Fran is a USCG licensed Boat Captain)

During his career, Fran has tried more than fifty felony criminal jury trials, innumerable bench trials and plea negotiations, appealed criminal cases, and defended clients in State licensing and administrative hearings.


In the more than thirty years Fran has been practicing criminal law, he has progressed from going to law school at night while working a series of full time day-jobs, to becoming one of the most street savvy Criminal Defense lawyers in the State of IL. 

Featured Case:

Taxi driver found NOT GUILTY of Kidnapping and Criminal Sexual Assault

(Jury trial – Attorney Baumgart, April, 2010)


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